Choco-PB Pretzel Pillows

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Rich, comforting, and oh-so-delicious, these pretzel pillows are filled with smooth peanut butter and covered in sweet and creamy milk chocolate for a sweet treat that seriously satisfies!

ALLERGENS: Contains wheat, soy and milk. Processed in a facility that handles dairy, soy, egg, peanut, tree nut (almond, pecan, and brazil nut), and wheat products.

NET WEIGHT:  Small: 4 oz

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3 Reviews

Kim Apr 12th 2021

So good!!

This was my first time ordering and I love these pretzel bites. So delicious!

Nicole Dushane Mar 27th 2021


These would be the pretty perfect salty, chocolate, pb treat but they're kinda hollow! Give me more pb!

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