Artist's Garden at Vetheuil


Take a bite of decadent malt balls covered in a sweet lemon poppy coating and feel the inspiration of a French garden full of bright sunflowers!

This Monet-inspired candy collection is sure to leave a sweet 'impression-ist'. We've taken the pastel beauty of Monet's paintings and paired it with a delicious bite! Whether gifting to an aspiring artist, sharing at Paint & Sip nights, or indulging in thoughtful nostalgia, this calming artist collection is sure to inspire!

Art never tasted so sweet!

ALLERGENS: Contains milk, soy, and wheat. Processed in a facility that handles dairy, soy, egg, peanut, tree nut (almond, pecan, and brazil nut), and wheat products.

NET WEIGHT: Small: 5.3 oz

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